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Matt Berninger from The National saying “uuuh” for 2 minutes and 45 seconds.

This is for insertsonglyrichere

Ok. I didn’t used every interview Matt has ever done because the audio compilation would last hours (and it takes a long time to do). I included some “and”s and “but”s though. Matt, if you ever see this, I am deeply sorry. Take it like a homage.

(After a while, I started recognizing Matt’s “uuuuh”s just by the shape of the sound wave. I think I might have broken my brain forever.)

Anonymous asked: do u know any link or web where we can watch the national on IFC's comedy (retool the school), but available in any country? i'm spanish and i'm craving watching it!

I’m not sure, I can’t see it because I’m in England and I watched it this way [x] I don’t know if this will work for you in Spain, if anyone has any other ideas please let us know :)


Hayden - “I Need My Girl” (The National cover) | Strombo Sessions

What a great cover.


best of me

Scott Devendorf talks plans for the National’s seventh record →

Scott also talks a little about plans for their final show of the tour at the O2 and other projects outside of the band. 


Forgive me girls I am confusedStiff and pissed and lost and loose…


Forgive me girls I am confused
Stiff and pissed and lost and loose…


Comedy Bang! Bang! – Retool The School →


The National @ Maag Halle Zürich 13.08.2014.


The National @ Maag Halle Zürich 13.08.2014.

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Anonymous asked: What about the National's music do you love? I am just getting into them and found your blog/Tumblr


Oh wow, what a question. At this point, they’ve been my favourite band for 4 years now, the thing I like about them the most is that they feel like home to me. I understand that you’re probably interested in what I love about them ~musically~ and I promise I will get to that but what I love about them the most is that they feel like your favourite sweater, they feel like home and they feel comfy and listening to them is my safe space. I guess the main reason that they feel like this is because of the lyrics. For me lyrics have always been the most important thing. Matt’s lyrics sound like he has taken a trip inside my brain, and he observed my thoughts, he observed how I felt, and all the things I wasn’t able to properly convey or articulate he is able to and he constructs these wonderful images that I see myself in completely. He does this in a way that no other lyricist or poet or writer can. 4 years ago I was in a really bad place and there was a lot of personal stuff going on, they were my lifeline. The first song I heard by them was Sorrow and what jumped out at me first, like most people, was Matt’s voice. It’s so rich and deep but completely commanding, I don’t think you can help but give him your full attention.

The more I listened to this song the more other things started to become apparent to me; the drums for one, that beat is infectious, and Bryan is so subtle in his genius, I promise before long you will realise he is one of the finest drummers of this generation. The guitars almost shimmer on this track, I’m not a musician so I don’t know any musical jargon or anything but I’m an english student so I’m good at metaphors. I don’t know I just adore the way this song is constructed, the haunting sort of vocals from Richard Reed Parry towards the end, it all sounds almost angelic and this is all terrible hyperbole but yeah. That song saved me in a lot of ways, I don’t want to say it saved my life or that the national saved my life because I don’t think that’s quite true, but they certainly saved my mental health let’s put it that way. And I am so jealous because you are at the very beginning of your love affair with them, because this has the potential to become a love affair, that’s what they do. they suck you in little by little and you won’t even notice then one day you will realise, holy shit, I am completely in love with this band. They’re like a drug and you’ll slowly become addicted but it’s wonderful. I could write for days about the national. 

The great thing about them as well is that their songs are all full of so much depth, there are so many layers. I can’t tell you how many times I have listened to a song, the same song I’ve been listening to every day for a year, and hear something that I never have before. It could be anything, a certain vocal part, the fact that you can hearing Matt’s breathing in Lemonworld, or the creak in the floorboards at the beginning as he steps towards the microphone. It could be a specific bass part you’d never noticed before that completely opens up a song in a way you haven’t known yet. Maybe its a certain chord that had buried itself somewhere in the song until it takes over and becomes your favourite part, the part you listen out for. Whatever it is, you will find them, and there will be many because that’s what the songs are like. 

Then you might be lucky enough to see them live and everything you thought you knew about a song like Squalor Victoria goes right out of the window. It is transformed into this utter monster that is absolutely electrifying to see. Because they are also some of the smartest musicians around, and their powers to transform a song from elegant and quiet to an amazing rock song is inspiring. There are two sides to this band, and the truly angry and abrasive breathlessness is a side some people seem to forget when listening to the stunning works like Val jester or About Today. Abel is a thrill if ever there was one. The same goes for Available, it is mesmerising to hear Matt scream, especially live, but even on cd. And there is nothing more cathartic than screaming “I WON’T FUCK US OVER, I’M MISTER NOVEMBER” at the top of your voice in your kitchen, or your bedroom or wherever the fuck you are.

Honestly I could go on and when something means so much to me, like the national do, it’s difficult not to just scream out a bunch of words because the feelings they illicit in me, like most other fans, is completely ridiculous. You should not love a band so much, you should not dedicate so much of your life to a band but here I am. I apologise for the grammar mistakes of which I am sure there are many  because I have just been spewing every thought about them on here. Like Aaron once said, “we don’t have casual fans- it’s an obsessive, cult audience.”

Anonymous asked: Can you reblog your reasons you love the national?

Erm yeah sure, I did feel weird about posting it on here but okay :)

william-the-patriot asked: The National is an amazing band and deserves a fuck yeah blog. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING ♡

Thank you indeed


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a-tired-human-being asked: Why I love The National: their songs are calming. They're cathartic, soothing, they're able to show that someone else understands. Mr November: cathartic. I Need My Girl: soothing. Slow Show: understanding. It's their ability to combine at least two of these three aspects into most of their songs, e.g. Pink Rabbits; the music is soothing, Matt's voice is soothing, the lyrics allow you to understand yourself, and the outro is extremely cathartic. Their ability to put feelings into music. Wow


“The National are real, I first saw them in London a few years ago, and they reminded me of R.E.M, in our earlier days. We all felt that they would be a good matchup for us on tour, and we were right.” - Mike Mills

“It’s instantaneous. It touches you.” - Michael Stipe

"The National isn’t so much “a band” as it’s a piece of another person’s life that helps yours make sense." - Peter Silberman

"The National are an unbelievable cohesive band. I think that what they’re able to do with the history of who they are is really special to me." - Justin Vernon

"It’s not that easy to write great songs and it’s not that easy to connect with people in the heart. They’ve managed to do both those things. Every National record is of a certain quality and every song is of a certain emotional resonance. They connect with people on a real gut level. That’s why they have staying power.” - St Vincent

"They are one of the very few contemporary bands that have really got under my skin and touched me." - Tom Smith

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