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The National’s Matt Berninger by Chris Graham and Rae Graham


The National’s Matt Berninger by Chris Graham and Rae Graham

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You’re gonna like the way this song makes you depressed

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The National - Celebrate Brooklyn! - Prospect Park Bandshell- 06/18/14

Photos by David Andrako for Celebrate Brooklyn!

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The National and St Vincent by Iris Edinger

Photos by Iris Edinger

The National - FUV Live from Celebrate Brooklyn - 2014 →


Not sure if this will work for international listeners but thought I would share it.

Worked for me. 

thecolorupstream said: wait what’s the ad???

It’s for the iPad, watch it here

Anonymous asked: 2 minutes ago, I was typing an essay in the study while my dad was watching TV in the living room, then I heard the starting chords of England and I proceeded to: 1. get a case of heart-eyes (or heart-ears?), 2. get out of my chair, 3. start running around the house trying to find the source of the music, 4. when I came into the living room, I stood there, gaping at the TV ad playing England until my dad told me to get out of the way.

I keep seeing it every time and usually when I’m not actually watching the tv, like I’ll be in another room or something and hear the opening chords and I’m stood there like ‘I’m being called’. It’s kind of freaking me out to hear it all the time but it’s also awesome.