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(via GQ)
While the National’s music is immediately accessible and enjoyable, their charms unfold on an almost subliminal level. Basically, it is music to listen to again and again, music that is constantly providing new revelations and feelings that seem to bubble up from nowhere. Entire stanzas can go unnoticed (or are altogether unintelligible) for the first 15-20 times you listen to a particular song, before abruptly bursting through and making you re-evaluate the entire piece. “Getting into” a new National album is a lot of work, but not only are the rewards off the charts, they keep coming…and coming…and coming…

I asked Bryan if he was a bit paranoid because of the fact that he got jumped outside of a recent concert in the UK when on tour with R.E.M. and Matt responded by saying, “we find it hilarious that he is the most terrifying looking member of the band and yet somehow he seems to be the target for being attacked on the street.” Bryan’s older brother Scott added, “People like to hit him.”