And so and now

I’m sorry I missed you

I had a secret meeting

in the basement of my brain

Secret meeeting

from Alligator

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Secret meeting live

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'Secret Meeting' by The National, Alligator (2005) Track 1

One of the lyrics that puzzled The National listeners was the chanting lyric at the end of Secret Meeting. Here are some of the speculations about what the line might be, on The National Forum

          -Dont draw an ace and fold it

          -Paul is dead

          -stop talking, its important

          - I’m talking, its important

          - throw the dice

          - chalk and ice and fall down.

          - I’ve got a tape recording

          - Don’t tuck an ace and fold it

          - Italian Ice Importer

          - It’s Topher Grace, ain’t it?

The Full line is “I’m talkin’ ace this morning”

What were your guesses? 

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The National, “Secret Meeting”


The National, “Secret Meeting”

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Secret Meeting | The National | Alligator, 2005